Undercar Services in Memphis, TN

At Central Automotive, we are working hard to build the reputation as the best auto repair company in Memphis, TN. We offer a long list of maintenance and repairs, including undercarriage services. If it is time to bring your vehicle into our shop, then we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

We know that the quality of your undercarriage will impact the durability of your vehicle. So, these are some of the undercar services that we offer to keep your vehicle in the best condition:

Wheel Alignment

Keeping the wheels aligned will reduce wear and tear on the tires and the moving parts of the drive train. These services are designed to optimize the angles of the wheels to match the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. As a result, the steering systems and suspension can operate to offer the best performance. These repairs can be complicated, so make sure that you hire the experts to help with your repairs: Central Automotive.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)

If you need to decelerate rapidly, then anti-lock brakes will kick in to prevent the wheels from locking up. When the wheels suddenly stop moving, you could be in danger because of skidding or loss of control. The ABS feature modulates the brake pressure to keep the wheels moving during an emergency stop, helping to maintain traction on the road. Most modern vehicles come with anti-lock brakes, and this system should be regularly inspected by expert mechanics to keep you safe on the road.


Brakes are used to apply friction so that you can stop your car when needed. When you press the brake pedal in your car, then it starts a chain of events that will slow the car and allow you to come to a full stop. It is important to maintain a high-quality braking system to protect the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Regular inspections are essential, and it is also important to contact an auto repair expert if you suspect that something might be wrong with your brakes.

Flushing the Brake System

In addition to the replacement of the brake pads as needed, there are times when you need to flush the brake system as well. This fluid is known as “hygroscopic,” which means that it absorbs moisture from the air. When the moisture is absorbed, it lowers the boiling point of the fluid, which could eventually lead to the loss of the braking system. The change in brake fluid can lead to corrosion in the cylinders and brake lines. These problems are easily avoided with a brake system flush to replace the fluid.


While the engine is running, exhaust fumes need to be release away from the vehicle. Usually, this exhaust pipe is located at the rear of the vehicle. Maintaining the exhaust system will protect your car and the environment. If you notice that something sounds unusual, then it is important that you bring in your vehicle for inspection. We have the expertise that you need to service the exhaust system of your car.


There are differentials in your vehicle that transfer power from the engine to the wheels, allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds. When these wheels are turning, the outer wheels have a longer distance to travel compared to the inner wheels. So, all four wheels on your car will move at different speeds while you are driving. If the differential system fails, then the car will fail! The differential system is designed to make sure that everything is working properly to ensure a smooth ride.

Differential Flush

To prevent a breakdown of the differential system, it is a good idea to flush the system every 30k to 50k miles, depending on the recommendations from the manufacturer. This maintenance task is just as important as changing the engine oil. Our team at Central Automotive can help with a differential flush to protect the quality of your vehicle.


The internal framework of your car is important to support all of the major components: engine, suspension, transmission, wheels, driveshaft, and differential. If the chassis is weak or damaged, then it will lead to major repair problems in the future. Schedule an inspection with our team at Central Automotive to ensure the quality and durability of your chassis.


The driveline of a vehicle consists of the parts that connect the transmission and the engine with the wheel axles. It includes all of the powertrain parts, minus the transmission and engine. If the driveline fails, then the vehicle will stop moving because it isn’t possible to transfer the energy to the wheel axles from the engine. Regular inspection and servicing are needed to repair small issues before they turn into bigger problems.


Even though there are bumps and potholes in the road, you can enjoy a smooth ride if the shocks are in good condition. These devices smooth out the rough ride by converting energy to ensure that you can handle the vehicle. If the shocks are having problems, then it can be uncomfortable to drive on bumpy roads. You also might notice that the vehicle sways when you are moving through a turn. Talk to our expert team to learn more about maintenance and repairs for shocks.


Struts work in a similar way as shocks, to minimize the bumps when you are driving on the road. These struts absorb the shock of the impact with the road so that you can be comfortable while sitting in the car. The difference in struts and shocks is that the struts are an important part of the structural support for the suspension of the car. By supporting the weight of the car, struts dampen the impact of bumpy conditions. Most struts need to be replaced around 50k to 60k miles, and you will notice a gradual deterioration over time.


Without good tires, your car won’t be safe on the road. Over time, it is common for tires to age and the tread to wear down. The result is a loss of traction and a deterioration of the materials. Eventually, the tire can burst while you are driving down the road, causing an immediate loss of the control of your vehicle. Protect your safety by maintaining high-quality tires on your car.

Is it time to schedule an inspection for your vehicle? Contact our expert team to learn more about the services that are available in Memphis, TN. Central Automotive is here to help.

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