Transmission & Engine Replacement in Memphis, TN

Here at Central Automotive, we offer services for big and small repair jobs. Our expert team can provide the skills that are necessary for every type of vehicle, including both domestic and imported models. When you choose our repair services, you can rest assured to know that we will stand behind the quality of our repair services. Whether you need a full engine overhaul or basic maintenance, contact the best team in Memphis, TN.

Our heavy duty engine and transmission services include:

Diesel Engines

The advantage of a diesel engine is that there is no need for tune-ups and the engines typically last longer than basic gasoline engines. Even though the tune-ups aren’t needed, you still need to keep up with regular maintenance, including:

  • Changing the oil
  • Replacing all filters (oil, air, and fuel)
  • Draining the water separators
  • Bleeding the fuel system
  • Refilling the urea injection system

These maintenance tasks will keep your diesel engine in top-notch condition. The experts here at Central Automotive are here to help when it is time for maintenance on your engine.

Engine Maintenance

Gasoline engines need basic maintenance and repairs as well. Anytime you talk to a manufacturing company; they will agree that preventive maintenance is the most important thing that you can do to extend the lifespan of your car. These parts won’t last forever, but they will stay strong with proper maintenance and care. Schedule regular maintenance for your engine by contacting our team here at Central Automotive for more information about the services that are available.

Replacing the Engine

When major wear and tear have occurred, or something happened that damaged the engine, then you might be looking at the need to replace the engine completely. As with all other parts of a vehicle, the engine is susceptible to breakdown and damage. So, you will need to visit an experienced car repair company that offers engine rebuilding if needed.

Maintenance of the Transmission

The transmission is another important part of your vehicle. This transmission manages the way the car shifts gears when you are driving. The gears maintain the rotating power and torque that is needed to transmit speed while on the road. Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure the performance of your vehicle.

Flushing the Transmission

As a general rule of thumb, most vehicles require a transmission flush every 30k miles or every two years. But, there are a few signs that you might need a transmission flush before reaching these milestones. These are some of the symptoms that you need to watch for: grinding noises when the gears change, difficulty shifting gears, the car surges when you are driving, or if there is a delay in response when you press the gas pedal. Flushing the transmission will rinse out the metal shavings, clutch material and tiny dust particles that can hinder the performance of the transmission. Talk to our team to see if this service is needed for your vehicle.

Replacing the Transmission

If the transmission fails, then basic repairs won’t be enough to return the car to working order again. At Central Automotive, we offer full transmission services to match your needs. We will diagnose the problem and then provide recommendations that will work best for your vehicle. These transmission services might include a new transmission, rebuilt transmission, remanufactured parts, or repairing and placing a used transmission. Talk to our team to find the best solution for your car and your budget.

Timing Belt

The internal combustion engine requires a working timing belt to synchronize the crankshaft and camshaft rotations. When everything is in good condition, the engine valves have the right timing so that they can open and close effectively. Most cars have a rubber timing belt, although some models are made with a metal chain instead. Check your manufacturer recommendations to know when you need to have the timing belt replaced. It is also a good idea to have regular inspections to see the condition of the timing belt.

Cylinder Block

The powerhouse of your car is found in the cylinder block, which holds the cylinders and various components such as the seals, valves, and gaskets. This crankcase is cooled and lubricated to ensure optimal performance of the engine. Many mechanics will agree that the cylinder block is the most important part of the car, so it is built to be sturdy and durable. If anything fails in the block, then your car won’t start. Problems might include failures in the freeze plug, core plug, porous blocks, and cracked blocks.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder is located in the engine block of the car, and it has a closed end that is known as the cylinder head. This part of the engine forms the combustion chamber for the engine, managing the airflow within the engine. This cylinder head is designed to seal the cylinders properly. But, the seals can fail and cause a lack of compression which makes the car difficult to drive. If your engine is having problems, then we will inspect the cylinder head and all other parts to identify the repairs that are needed.

Central Automotive is an Authorized JASPER Dealer

We want to offer the best services to our customers, and one of the ways that we can help is by offering a completely remanufactured JASPER engine (either gas or diesel), as well as transmissions or differentials. If needed, we can give your car a new lease on life with these services. Our team will start with diagnostics to identify the problem; then we will make recommendations to match your needs.

Is it time for engine or transmission repair for your vehicle? Then you need to call our team at Central Automotive for more information about the services that we offer in Memphis, TN.

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