Quick Lube Services in Memphis, TN

Regular oil changes are the foundation of keeping up with maintenance for your car. This appointment will freshen the fluids to decrease the risk of avoidable wear and tear on the vehicle. Additionally, the team of auto repair experts will be able to perform an inspection to identify if there are any other repairs or services that are needed.

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We provide a fast, affordable way for you to care for the quality of your car. These are some of the regular maintenance services that we can provide:

Oil Changes

If you want to protect the life of your engine, then it is important that you keep up with the simple task of changing the oil regularly. This inexpensive service will reduce friction in the engine, decrease wear, and maintain the seals between the cylinder walls, rings, and pistons. Additionally, quality oil works to cool the engine and reduce the noise when the engine parts are moving.

Our mechanics are educated about the basics of quality motor oil. There are two primary ingredients used for your car: base oil and additives. The base oil is necessary to support the vital functions of the engine. Then additives are used to add an extra layer of protection by decreasing the risk of oil deterioration in the extreme conditions within the engine. Call the motor oil experts at Central Automotive to learn more about the services that are we offer.

Wiper Bulb Replacement

When the rain is coming down, and you are on the road, it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if you don’t have good wiper blades. These wipers keep the windshield clear, helping you to maintain optimal visibility in the storm. If your wiper blades are leaving lines or they aren’t working, then you need to talk to our team to get blades that are fitted for your vehicle.

Light Replacement

Stay safe on the road by ensuring that all of the lights and bulbs are working correctly. We can inspect and replace the headlights, brake lights, signal lights, and more. It is a simple and quick process to replace these bulbs, but you need to make sure that you talk to our expert team to ensure that you are getting high-quality bulbs.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

The fuel injector is a valve that moves pressurized fuel into the engine. When you are driving, oxygen sensors work to identify the amount of air that is being moved to the engine, which then increases the amount of fuel that is delivered. A small piece of dirt can cause a blockage in the fuel injector, leading to performance problems. Have the fuel injector cleaned regularly to avoid problems such as misfiring, rough idling, subpar performance, and bad emission ratings.

PCV Valve Change

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) impacts the performance of the emission control system in your vehicle. It creates a one-way valve that allows the gases to escape. But, this valve can become clogged over time because of the contaminants that are in the exhaust gases. We can provide regular maintenance for this part of the car by cleaning the PCV valve as needed.

Transmission Services

Regular maintenance for your transmission should include an inspection, replacing the filter, cleaning the pan, and replacing the fluid. When this new fluid is added, it restores the holding power that is present between the clutches. As a result, you can maximize the lifespan of the transmission.

Most vehicles need a transmission flush every 30,000 miles or two years, depending on the recommendations from the manufacturer. This service can be paired with the replacement of the filter for best results. If you notice unusual sounds or problems with the performance of the transmission, then you shouldn’t wait until your next scheduled maintenance appointment! Instead, you need to bring your vehicle in right away for inspection.

Brake System Flush

The performance of your brakes will impact the safety of your vehicle. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture, which decreases the performance of this fluid. Flush the system to replace the fluid and maintain the best performance of your brakes.

Coolant System Flush

Keep your air conditioner in good condition with a regular flush of the coolant system. If the old coolant is present, then the engine will have a harder time transferring excess heat out through the radiator fins. As a result, it can be hard to cool the temperature of your car if you don’t stay current with a coolant system flush.

Radiator Flush

Flushing the radiator is important to reduce the risk of excessive heating in the engine. This fluid keeps the engine cool, helping to optimize performance. Flush the radiator to get rid of the sludge that is negatively impacting the performance of the cooling system. These flushes ensure the quality of your vehicle and help you avoid performance problems.

Power Steering Flush

Hydraulic fluid is used in the power steering system to transmit the power to the steering wheel. This service involves flushing out the old fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid instead. Consistent maintenance for this part of your vehicle will extend the life of the components in the power steering system.

Differential Flush

The differential system compensates for the travel distance difference between the outer and inner wheels when you are turning the vehicle. Make sure to stay current with scheduled differential flushes to avoid failure of the car. These flushes are usually recommended every 30k to 50k miles.

If it is time to bring in your vehicle for quick lube services, we invite you to contact our experienced team here at Central Automotive. Call us to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Memphis, TN

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