Automobile Electronic Services in Memphis, TN

Most vehicles are designed with electronic components that affect driving controls and the function of the car. If these small computers malfunction, then they can negatively impact the performance of the vehicle. Here at Central Automotive, we are the leading provider of automotive repairs in Memphis, TN, and our team can help with your vehicle.

These are some of the automobile electronic services that we offer:


We always start with detailed diagnostics to identify the problem at hand. Tools can be used to diagnose every electronic part in your car so that we can see the cause of the malfunction.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If a warning light illuminates on the dashboard, then you need to take the vehicle in for diagnostics as soon as possible. These warning lights can turn on because of small issues, such as a loose gas cap or low tire pressure. Other times, the warning lights indicate a big problem that needs to be addressed right away.


Another feature on the vehicle dashboard is the information about the drivability of the car. Onboard computers read different sensors to provide information about the speed, temperature, and steadiness when you are accelerating. If there are problems with drivability, then you will see the dashboard notifications illuminated.

Computer Chips

Car manufacturers usually incorporate one or more computers in vehicles. The function of the computer is to monitor performance and make adjustments to operations in the engine and transmission. Sensors receive information that is sent to the computer for analysis. Then, the computer uses this data to control idle speed, spark plugs, and fuel injectors to optimize the performance of your car. If the computer fails, then your car won’t function until the computer is replaced. For best results, work with a team of car care professionals for regular inspections and updates as needed.

Engine Controls

One common onboard computer system manages the controls of the engine, including fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Like other computers, these engine controls are made up of both software and hardware. Schedule an inspection to ensure that the software is up to date and the engine controls are working properly.

Is it time for repairs or maintenance for your vehicle electronics? Contact the best auto repair team in Memphis, TN: Central Automotive. You can schedule an appointment by calling us.

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