Automobile Electrical Services in Memphis, TN

It can be frustrating to turn the key and find that the battery is dead or the starter is misfiring. In these moments, you need fast, efficient electrical services to get your car back on the road again.

At Central Automotive, we offer a wide range of services in Memphis, TN that can be catered to match your needs. You can trust the high level of workmanship that is offered by our team. Here is an overview of the electrical services that are available:


Electric energy comes from the battery to power various functions in the vehicle: the lights, starter, and ignition system. If you turn the key and nothing happens, then you might be able to jump-start the car to get it to our repair shop. It is normal for the battery to deteriorate with time, and it will eventually need to be replaced.

In some instances, jumping the car can recharge the battery through the alternator, so minor repairs might be enough to keep the vehicle in good condition. Here at Central Automotive, we can test your battery and replace it if necessary. We handle everything that you need: battery testing, charging, installation, replacement, and recycling the old batteries.


Each vehicle has an alternator that works to convert electric energy from mechanical energy. This part works with the battery and starter system to ensure that power is available when you turn the key to start the car. If your alternator fails, then the battery won’t be able to hold a charge. The best service in this instance is to replace the alternator to resume normal functioning of the vehicle.


The starter is the part of the vehicle that initiates, or starts, the operation of the engine. This motor is usually hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic and it is an important part of the engine. If your starter is having problems, then you need to talk to an expert auto repair team as soon as possible.

Do you need help with the electrical system in your vehicle? It is best to let the professionals handle the repairs, instead of attempting a do-it-yourself approach. Call the experts at Central Automotive for more information about the services that we offer in Memphis, TN.

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