• Transmission Repair Services in Memphis, TN

  • Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, there are times when repair or maintenance services are needed. Our team at Central Automotive offers a wide range of services to match your needs. We will gladly run diagnostics to identify the problems with your vehicle, then make recommendations about the services that are needed to maintain the quality of the car.

    If you need help fixing your car, then it is essential that you visit the best auto repair shop in Memphis, TN. We offer competitive prices and top-notch services for your vehicle. These are some of the transmission services that are available:

    Diagnosis, Maintenance, and Repair

    The quality of your transmission has a direct impact on the lifespan of your vehicle. So, you shouldn’t take it lightly when it is time for maintenance and repair. These transmission services can include a variety of things, such as draining and replacing the fluids and replacing filters as needed. Transmission issues that might require repair include stalling, leaking fluid, shifting issues, and if the transmission service light turns on. Call us at Central Automotive if you identify any of these potential problems.

    Transmission Replacement

    If severe damage or wear and tear has occurred in the transmission, then you might be facing a repair bill for a full replacement or rebuild. The term “transmission” typically refers to a gear box and includes both gears and gear trains. A rotating power source moves the torque and speed transmission into these gears to drive the vehicle. Schedule an appointment with our experienced team to find the best cost-effective way to repair your transmission.

    Automatic Transmission Services

    Driving an automatic car means that the engine will shift gears automatically when you change speeds. This automatic response makes it easier to drive the car and optimize your speed. The gears change based on the way you throttle the pedal and manage the speed of the engine and vehicle. The load of your vehicle is another factor that can affect the way the transmission shifts.

    Most automatic transmissions have four or five forward gears, as well as neutral, reverse, and park. Moving the car into drive will allow you to drive the vehicle without worrying about the gear shift or clutch pedal. Since there are many automated features in this style of transmission, it is essential that you hire an experienced repair team to help with automatic transmission repair in Memphis, TN.

    Manual Transmission Services

    When driving a car with a manual transmission, it is necessary to use the clutch pedal simultaneously with the gear shift to adjust the gears based on the speed. These transmissions can be built with up to eight gears, although many of the cars have five gears. As a general rule of thumb, manual transmissions require less maintenance compared to automatic transmissions.

    Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

    Many cars have a front-wheel drive transmission, which means that the engine only powers the front wheels. This power moves through the transmission to the final drive; then it is split so that it can move through the axles to the front wheels. All additional hardware, including the transmission and engine, is located at the front of the vehicle.

    Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

    When a car is designed with four-wheel drive, also known as 4x4, there are axles in the front and the rear of the vehicle, differential gears, and a transfer case on the transmission. These vehicles need maintenance on all of these parts to ensure the performance of the transmission.

    Transfer Cases

    Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles include a transfer case that receives the power from the transmission and moves the power to both axles. Most transfer cases are driven by chains, although there are some designs that use gears instead. If repairs are needed for the transfer cases, then it is essential that you hire an experienced team to help with the services.

    Clutch Repair

    Clutches are used in both automatic and manual transmission cars. When the gears shift, then the clutch will engage to move torque through the transmission. When the clutch is in good condition, then the gears can shift smoothly. Eventually, the clutch will wear out because of the ongoing wear and tear on the parts. If you notice unusual noises or you can tell that the clutch is slipping, then you need to call our team at Central Automotive right away.

    As you can see, Central Automotive offers a variety of transmission services for your vehicle. If you are near Memphis, TN, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about these services: (901) 725-4766

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