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  • The quality of the brake system is one of the most important features for the safety of a car. If the brakes aren’t working right, then you could be in danger! Here at Central Automotive, we are focused on maintaining safety for every customer. So, we invite you to bring in your vehicle for a brake inspection.

    Whether it is time for routine maintenance or you are experiencing a problem with your brake pads, we are here to help! We encourage you to call our team if the brake light is on, you hear unusual noises when you press the brakes, or the vehicle isn’t slowing down fast enough. We will diagnose the problem and offer recommendations to improve the reliability and safety of the braking system in your vehicle.

    Our experienced team at Central Automotive provides top-notch brake services in Memphis, TN. Leave the repairs to the professionals, but feel free to ask questions about the details of your service. We are always here to answer your questions and help with anything that you need! Call us for more information at (901) 725-4766

    These are some of the services that might be needed for your car:

    Replacement of the Brake Pads and Shoes

    You can usually tell that the brake pads need to be repaired because you will hear a squealing noise when you press the brakes. If the brake pads wear down completely, then you will hear a grinding noise. This metal-on-metal sound comes from the shoes coming in contact with the rotors or drums. Once the grinding starts, it is too late to save the equipment. As a result, you will likely need to replace the brake pads, shoes, rotors, and more. Anytime you suspect problems with your brakes; it is important that you call an automotive expert right away to avoid additional damage.

    Rotor Resurfacing

    Many vehicles have a disc brake system, with rotors that are positioned to be attached to the wheels. Pressing down on the brake pedal will engage the brake shoes, which push the brake pads to grip against the rotor. This friction will stop the movement of the wheel.

    Over time, it is possible for the friction to cause cracks and grooves on the surface of the rotors. So, it might be necessary to resurface the rotors, helping to reduce the wobbling and squealing. If the rotors have been severely damaged from shoe grinding, then they need to be replaced instead of resurfaced.

    Replacing the Calipers

    Calipers are the parts that fit around the rotors in a clamp shape. This section of the braking system holds the brake pads to press them against the rotors when you need to stop. If your vehicle has caliper problems, then it might cause the braking to be uneven. As a result, the car will continue sliding forward when you press the brake pedal. Uneven braking can be very dangerous because it could result in the car sliding out of control if you are driving in bad weather conditions. If your calipers are damaged, then it is important that you don’t delay this repair.

    Flushing the Brake Fluid

    Over time, the brake fluid in your car will start to absorb water that comes from the air. This water dilutes the brake fluid and causes the braking system to have performance problems. If the fluid becomes corrosive, then it might damage the system and result in expensive repairs later on. Regular flushes of the brake fluid will prevent this damage and keep your car in good condition. Talk to our team at Central Automotive to know the best schedule for your vehicle.

    Brake Hoses

    These small tubes move the brake fluid from the central area to the brakes. If the hose is crushed and the fluid isn’t delivered properly, then you are probably dealing with lagging response when you press the brakes. Damage to the brake hose could cause the entire braking system to stop working. So, if any signs of wear or cracking are identified, then it is essential that the hose is replaced as soon as possible.

    Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

    Most modern vehicles come with anti-lock brakes, which turn on if you need to stop the car quickly, When the ABS is engaged, it ensures that the wheels continue rotating while you are stopping. Locking up the wheels could result in skidding on the road or a loss of control. If you suspect problems with your anti-lock brake system or the ABS light is illuminated, then you need to call our team for a diagnostics appointment.

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